Replace oil for wood gas


In GASEK HEAT and GASEK STEAM solutions, conventional fire-tube boilers equipped with a wood gas burner are used. The GASEK gasifier produces pure wood gas for combustion in the boiler. The gas is transferred and combusted while hot, thereby utilising the energy contained in wood in the most efficient manner. Replacing oil by wood chips results in considerable savings, which can amount to several hundred thousand euro.

Our solutions are available in the complete comprising a boiler, wood gas burner, wood chips silo, and machine room or retrofit where the wood gas burner is installed into the customer’s existing boiler configurations.

Fuel Oil vs. Wood Chips
Fuel Oil 95,60 € /MWh
Wood Chips 18,40 € / MWh
Savings 77,20 € / MWh
Usage, 1 MW 6000 h 8000 h
Annual Savings 463 200 € 617 600 €
Prices in Finland, August 2012, Pöyry