GASEK Ltd opened new office in Oulu

GASEK Ltd. opened a sales office in Oulu at the beginning of June 2011. Oulu’s Technology Park was a suitable location for the new office. Proximity of Oulu University and central geographical location of Oulu will contribute to the company’s sales and marketing operations in domestic and foreign markets.
-Oulu’s advantage for our company is a large number of partners and the level of expertise. Therefore, we wanted to set up a branch in Oulu, to be close to new R&D developments and develop themselves in the process says CEO Kauko Väinämö.

Please contact us:
Tel. +358 20 781 1670


GASEK CHP installed to Somero

GASEK Ltd GASEK CHP plant has been installed to Somero. After the final inspection it will be connected to production mode. The plant will produce electricity and heat needs of whole farm state.