Happy Mid Summer!

GASEK would like to wish you all great Summer and Mid Summer!


GASEK is one of nominated companies for best cleantech solutions

Search for the world’s best Cleantech solutions – 10 Finnish companies compete internationally has begun. And GASEK is among those who are reaching for it.

The contest is organized by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), an association for the most eminent international Cleantech clusters. The Finnish Cleantech Cluster, coordinated by Lahti SBP, is one of its founding members. GCCA’s Global Cleantech Later Stage Award sifts out the most promising later stage Cleantech companies from all over the world.

The ten contenders from Finland are: Forchem (biofuels), GASEK (biofuels), Valopaa (energy efficiency), Savo-Solar (solar energy), There Corporation (smart grids), Wello (wave and tidal energy), BMH Technologies (waste management), Liqum (water supply and sewerage), The Switch (wind energy) and Eniram (transport).

A group of leading risk investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world select the award winners that represent the best in clean technology. The winners will receive publicity on the international investment markets and an excellent networking opportunity.

The finalists will be announced this fall and the winners will be announced in November at an international clean energy conference in Savannah, GA, USA.

The contest


New additions to GASEK team

GASEK has gained two new additions to its professional team.

Mr. Vesa Koskela (Steel Structural Engineering Mechanic) has been working as Head Mechanical Designer from end of March.

Mr. Heikki Nikola (Automation Engineer) begun his work as Head Automation Designer beginning of April.

GASEK would like to welcome them to its ever growing professional team!


Success at cross country world championship , March 2012

GASEK sponsored Teijo Haapaniemi’s travels to senior cross country world championships this March. Teijo had great success and brought home three silver medals.

Congratulations Teijo on your great success.

GASEK likes to wish all the best for next season.


GASEK took its product development to RD cloud service

GASEK started to use a new cloud service end of last year. The CEO of GASEK Mr. Kauko Väinämö enplanes the reasons of taking on the cloud service: ” We wanted to get our design work into one place and the same time to list the components and materials needed in one press of the button.”

RD Velho developed a new RD Pilvi ™ -service for its partners where customers can store and manage their product information and design documents in RD Velho’s server and in product data management system (PDM). This new service is great help in product management especially for SME’s.

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Season’s Greetings!

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year we donated the sum to UNICEF to help the children of the world who are in need. We want to wish to you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!


GASEK has a new COO

Janne Aula (M.Sc. Eng) has been nominated to GASEK COO position. We would like to welcome Janne in to our skillful and hardworking team.